Dawn Parade, Miami

2 Luxury Duplexes, creating a total of 4 luxury homes in the heart of Miami. Homes generate an appropriate scale in the area providing large family homes. The built form is intended to address each street front with each Duplex having their own identity with subtle variations in form and materials. A combination of sharp skillion roofs with horizontal and vertical lightweight claddings, rough cast render, feature gable ends, painted brickwork, smooth render and timber cladding are all used to generate articulation and interest along both street fronts whilst appealing to a buying wanting to purchase a property that has its own individual expression of identity in the street. 

The fencing style sets the tone for the development by providing a soft interface with the street whilst maintaining privacy from pedestrians and vehicles. The subtle alteration in treatment of the front fencing between the two homes creates continuity and encourages the aesthetic impact of a singular home from the corner view of the development to reduce the appearance of density.