With my father being a one man band builder, brothers both being carpenter and project managers, building has always been in our blood. My exposure to construction was at an early age being a labourer on houses whilst studying building design at TAFE Queensland. This enabled me to really understand construction methodology details on site, whilst learning drafting techniques to communicate design through plans. Since graduating my Diploma of Building Design, my passion for residential design continued to grow motivating me to design houses whenever the opportunity arose. Over the past 9 years I have been involved in producing plans for 26 projects of which 21 have been followed through to construction and been built.


Approaching my TAFE Building Design Course graduation, I jumped at the opportunity to learn from a small Architecture Firm in Ashmore, Greg Kearney Architects. Whilst studying my Bachelor of Environmental Design at Griffith University on the Gold Coast I learned all facets of a small architectural practice as I was the only other employee. Being side by side with Greg was a great learning experience as I was given full direct attention and learned the process involved in running a practice; ie filing, accuracy of drawings, site visits, client meetings, tenders, legal matters, progress payments. My drawing skills were improving as I was producing majority of the plans whilst Greg continued to review. Unfortunately, with the Global Financial Crisis hitting the Gold Coast, the firms commissions’ were dropping and I was made redundant.


After contacting 55 potential firms for employment, Jared Poole Design (JPD) based in Surfers Paradise had a position available. JPD consisted of five employees, whom which all had a similar background with building design courses from TAFE. My colleagues in the office became a source of knowledge, teaching me the critical aesthetics and principals of producing clean and coherent construction documentation. My experience involved both unique custom designed homes and cost effective investment project homes. Whilst producing plans was important, it became paramount and a learned skill to manage the agreed deadlines whilst achieving them. Whilst studying Masters of Architecture in my first year, it became apparent I needed to gain further experience under a registered Architect.


Learning became limited and to ensure my logbook hours were under a registered Architect I moved on to Scentre Group which represents the design and construction domain of Westfield Australia and New Zealand. This was a big shift of perspective entering an office in an on-site carpark at Pacific Fair, Broadbeach alongside 21 Architects and 40 construction personnel side by side. Being on the Gold Coast my whole life, there were a few people on the construction side that I already knew, this was a big advantage as they were very inclusive and went out of their way to teach me and answer many questions. Co-ordination in-house between the design and  construction teach was a big focus to ensure the best outcome was achieved for the client (AMP Capital)during limited time. Being located on site, I took the opportunity to inspect progress 3 times a week, sometimes twice a day which really brought in-sight to the construction methodologies and how they ought to be considered through design. With Scentre Group being a location dependant job, it provoked me to search elsewhere before the last staged opening of the Pacific Fair Redevelopment.



Being from the Gold Coast and building a life here I wanted to stay, and was against commuting or moving to Brisbane. Co-incidentally there was a position available with a Scentre Group colleague at DBI Design in Surfers Paradise. Having gained experience on Pacific Fair, my skillset equipped me to continue onto the Jewel Residences. For the next two years I gained further experience in construction documentation, managing documentation deadlines, leading consultant co-ordination, conducting site visits and reviewing on-site standards. DBI has continued my employment post Jewel, allowing me to gain experience in development approvals, concept feasibility, prelim design, etc.



Griffith University Gold Coast - (2014-2015)


Griffith University Gold Coast - (2011-2013)


TAFE, Technical And Further Education, Gold Coast - (2009-2011)


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